Pacific Grove Neighbors United

Official Documents

  1. Notice Of Intent With Supporting Papers
  2. City Attorney Title And Summary
  3. Proof Of Publication
  4. Receipt Filing Of Initiative Petition
  5. County Certificate to Initiative
  6. City Resolution Certification Of Sufficiency
  7. City Resolution Placing Initiative On Ballot
  8. Primary Argument In Favor Measure M
  1. Rebuttal Argument In Favor Measure M
  2. County Voter Guide Measure M
  3. County Statement Of Vote Measure M
  4. City Resolution Declaring Election Results
  5. City Ordinance Implementing Measure M
  6. Amended General Plan And Zoning Code
  7. City Coastal Zone STR Policy and Rules
  8. Coastal Commission STR Policy 120616

Campaign Documents

  1. Ballot Initiative Booklet
  2. Petition Drive Yard Sign
  3. League Of Women Voters Presentation
  4. Analysis Bullet Points for Measure M
  5. Economic Study for STR Initiative Final 10-3-18
  6. PG Measure M Brochure
  1. Yes On M Newspaper Ad (Week 1-2)
  2. Yes On M Newspaper Ad (Week 3-5)
  3. Yes On M Newspaper Ad (Week 6-7)
  4. Yes On M Newspaper Ad (Week 8)
  5. Yes On M Newspaper Ad (Week 9-10)
  6. PG Measure M Post Cards

Thank You!